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Serve hot, scrumptious h'orderves in minutes with EZ-MELTER

A Whole New Way To Eat Cheese
- And More!

They like their cheese warm and gooey in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, and to get it that way at home, they have the EZ-MELTER, a ceramic cheese melter plate with small cuplike depressions.

Pop a square of good melting cheese - provolone is the choice in South America into each hollow. Put the cheese melter in the microwave, oven, on a gas burner, or even on a grill! In minutes you'll have little blobs of molten cheese ready for toothpicks. It's fondue the South American way!

You can fancy up the cheese by wrapping each piece in a strip of prosciutto, bacon or salami. Or use the plate to sear seafood - scallops topped with pesto or tomato - for example. This solid fully glazed ceramic bakeware plate is also perfect for escargots.

Cut the cheese into small cubes and place them into the cups. See below for baking times. After the cheese has melted, garnish with oregano or other herbs or pepper.

  • OVEN: Pre-heat to 250 for 10 minutes. Bake for 3 minutes.
  • MICROWAVE: Set microwave to high power for 1 - 2 minutes (depending on your microwave).
  • GRILL: Place the EZ-Melter on the heated grill. Leave on the grill for 10 minutes.

Serve hot, scrumptious hors d'oeuvre in minutes with EZ-MELTER!