A Whole New Way To Enjoy Cheese!

A Whole New Way

To Enjoy Cheese!

In the southern parts of South America (Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) people enjoy their cheese warm. To achieve this, they have a ceramic plate that they place on the grill (the grille known locally as the Asado). While they are grilling meat, they are simultaneously using this cheese melter for a delightful appetizer.

Traditionally, the cheese is melted in a larger dish and served individually by the table server. The Original Uruguayan EZ-Melter solves the problem of service by creating individual portions of this delicious morsel of cheese. It’s fondue the South American way!

Typically, the cheese is provolone, but it is not so limited. Experimentation has shown that this melter works extremely well with asiago, brie and more.

Unlike any other kitchen device, this ceramic plate serves as a cheese melter and may be used to prepare various appetizers. And this clever plate keeps them warm during service! Serve hot, scrumptious hors d’oeuvre, not barely luke-warm tidbits!

If you are truly looking for something different to offer to your clients, The Original Uruguayan EZ – Melter makes an ideal gift!

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Ideal for Caterers, Experimental Chefs or for Home Use!

An easy-to-use cheese melter! Microwave, bake or grill a plate of cheese squares, throw some oregano or other spices on the heated cheese and you have pizza without a crust in less than 2 minutes preparation time! An easy way to make a gluten free pizza recipe! Having several EZ-Melters allows for easy prep and service of warm items. While serving your first plate, your second set of appetizers will be cooking. And there are so many uses for this attractive platter!

Take it Camping!

It works over the open fire! Bring it to parties with stuffed mushrooms or bacon wrapped bay scallops ready to be heated. Its versatility is part of its appeal.

Makes a Great Gift!

The Original Uruguayan EZ-Melter is a great gift by itself or included in a cheese and wine basket. It is a great compliment to the cheese industry in that it encourages consumption of cheese. Cheese companies are already beginning to market cheese in squares (the size that facilitates preparation). Bite-sized portion control makes it a perfect item for those on diets. Low-carb dieters rejoice!

ORDER NOW – $24.99